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You aren't here to read a novel so I will give you the cliff notes version of who we are and what we do.


I practiced commercial architecture and grew frustrated with the assembly line approach to projects (one group works on design, another group works on the construction documents, etc).  I understand this works from the firm's perspective, but it just didn't work for me.  I would get these lofty designs, knowing full well it was out of budget, but had to do the drawings anyway, and then of course, do them again when the clients had their heart attacks from the price.

I don't believe design has to be $$$$ to be great.  Every project deserves great design, no matter the value.  It's about being creative and working within a budget.  ​

Investor-focused design services

I became a real estate investor in 2016, but slowly transitioned into doing design full time, working with real estate investors on their multi and single family projects.

Along the way, I have had several questions regarding the process of working with a designer.  I feel there is a misconception with designers.  It's like as soon as you say it, money starts pouring out of your pocket.  The point of hiring a designer is to help you SAVE money.  How is that you ask?  Knowing the budget from the beginning, a plan can be put in place so that there aren't last minute purchases, things forgotten and time wasted.  In addition, we know the best places to spend money so you can sign new tenants quickly or to put on the market for a faster sell.


A successful project is when you can minimize your time in the renovating process and get the most out of it.  NOI/ROI is where it's at and our job is to increase those numbers through design.

Design Process

"How does the process work?" or "How do we start?" is one of the frequently asked questions we get. Although each project is unique, some common steps are followed to ensure a smooth process. Here are some general steps that will give you an idea of what it's like to work with a designer.

Interior design finishes
  • What is the nature of your project? (e.g. single-family home, multi-family property, Airbnb design)

  • Which specific services are you interested in? (e.g. interior finishes, layout, exterior finishes, common areas)

  • Initial consultation: We will arrange a phone call/email/meeting to discuss further details, including the project timeline, specific requirements, and getting to know your team.

  • Proposal: Once we have a clear understanding of your project requirements, we will send you a comprehensive proposal.

  • Upon acceptance and execution of the proposal, we will commence with the project. For remote projects, we will provide all necessary information via email, while for local projects, we will visit the site to take photos.

  • We will provide a partial design to ensure that we are aligned with your vision, then proceed to complete the project.


Do you have your own contractors?

No, we work with our clients contractors.

How do you select your products if the project isn't in Houston?

We look for stores near your project and source from there along with some online items.

Do you do landscaping?

We design the hardscape but work with landscapers on specific plants for beds/planters.

Do you do the architectural drawings?

We do layouts (schematic design) but not full construction documents for permit.  

N Nguyen - Real Estate Investor

"Tina's design was simple, yet elegant.  Very reasonable rate.  Very responsive.  Great work.  Definitely will use Tina's service again."

Boris Sanchez - Multifamily Real Estate Investor

"Excellent designer.  Transformed our commercial project into something very unique and very good looking.  The tenants call it "the mansion".  Highly recommend"

Ajit Karani - Commercial Real Estate Investor

"Awesome work! Took a 70's hotel lobby and gave it a massive upgrade without killing the budget.  Will definitely work with Tina again in the future."
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